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Event Tipp // 30 hours Intensive with David Regelin*

15. Mai 2019
David Regelin Yogisi Zurich intensive training

30 hour intensive training with David Regelin

Zurichs Yogisi Yoga Studio is hosting David Regelin for a 30 hours intensive. Dont miss you out on this unique opportunity and dive deeper into the geometry of yoga.


Geometry of Yoga: Postural adjustment and self-practice development 

The 30 Hour Intensive is a continuing education course for experienced practitioners and yoga teachers.

Nothing can replace the compassionate heart and touch of a yoga teacher with a dynamic, adaptive, and artful method of teaching. After completing this intensive, expect to see your students with new eyes, perceive them with clarity and wisdom, and adjust them with confident hands.

David Regelin Yogisi Zurich intensive training

Objectives of this intensive:

  • Transcend yoga brands and styles by sharpening your eye for detail and symmetry.
  • Engage your students by describing the relationship between physical posture, mental disposition and spiritual development by increasing your own  ̈whole holistic“ understanding of yoga practice.
  • Increase your ability to describe form and technique simply yet accurately to individuals and groups of students.
  • Elevate your understanding of alignment as something much more natural than straightening limbs and spreading fingers and toes. Learn the relationships between the parts that make up an integrated whole human being.
  • Develop your intuitive awareness of your own postural pattern and ways of thinking. This above all will transform your practice and your teaching into something authentic and potent.

David Regelin Yogisi Zurich intensive training

Set up of the training

All four days will start with one hour of led practice, followed by one hour of assisted self-practice, and then a group discussion. The afternoon sessions will focus on postural adjustments. Expect to learn how to articulate postural adjustments as well as how to physically alter postures. David will choose a set of postures each day, and demonstrate adjustments on a few different body types.

You will also break up into pairs to adjust one another, switching partners a few times so that you have a chance to work with different body types.

All the information you need

Date: 27 – 30 June 2019 (8.30 am – 5.30 pm)
Location: Studio Yogisi, Grubenstrasse 19, 8045 Zurich
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Costs: CHF 950



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