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Guest Affair // Flow with the seasons by Reni Bickel

22. März 2018

Let it flow

Everything in life is based on the principles of light and darkness, Yin and Yang. The constant movement and transforming of these forces explains why nature is cyclical as it moves through seasons. Each season, with its very unique quality, connects to the next one seamlessly – a rhythmic pattern that repeats over and over.

Human beings are incredibly sensitive to these changes. Fact is: They are part of it, of the planet and its aliveness.

For our health, it is essential that we know how to flow with the seasons, to attune ourselves to the rhythmic pattern of nature that also happen within us, in our body and psyche.

This article is the first part of a year-long series. It is based on the Five-Element-System and offers insight about the quality of each season, and simple tips to help you prepare for seasonal change.




Spring came through the door. On March 20st, we finally and formally entered springtime!

The Equinox happens twice a year, in March and September, when the “axis mundi” changes its angle in relation to the sun. When the plane of earth’s equator passes through the center of the sun’s disk, the exposure of the sun to both hemispheres changes.

In the northern hemisphere, we now expect more light-filled days and warmer temperatures. Nature awakens from its hibernation. The sprouts push out to seek sunlight.

The spring season is associated to the element of wood – a plant that grows.

It needs water, sun and air. Ease into spring by taking good care of yourself, treat yourself like a garden after the winter season. We want the flowers to bloom!

The color of spring is green, the sound is a shout and its quality is growth. It is the young Yang, vibrant and active, that came out of old Yin, the depths of the winter. While we had winter time to retreat and introspect, now it is time to open up, and expand our vision.

The associated organs of spring are the liver and the gall bladder. The liver, detoxifier and filter of blood, is located in the front of the body on the right.  It assures the functioning of our nervous system, and our ability to see, measure and plan.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, the liver represents the element of wood. As elements transform, the seasons change. The wood will later give on its “Chi” to the fire, to our heart, the organ of summer.

Spring is an excellent time to detoxify the inner organs and to strengthen the liver. Opening the front body not just stretches the liver, it also lifts our vision and opens our potential. During spring, we make decisions for the year, and enjoy being creative and expressive.

Ideas for your daily routine during spring:

YOGA: Stretch the liver and open the vision.

Stand with your feet hip wide, nicely rooted into the ground and lengthen your whole spine. Grab your opposite elbows in front of your chest, breath in to lift your arms up (elbows point towards the sky), exhale and bring them back down (elbows point downwards to the earth). Move up and down 20-30 times while synchronizing the movement with your breath. You can try this arm position in other poses like chair pose or warriors.

BREATHWORK:  Check out Dages’ Recipes For Joy, short breathwork exercises

DIET IDEA: Try eating plenty of fresh vegetables, especially greens and sprouts. Drink lemon water in the morning first thing!

PLANT MAGIC: Dandelion root tea is a good liver and kidney tonic, consume regularly  to strengthen these organs.

SELF-CARE RITUAL: Take a bath in apple cider vinegar for 15 minutes, it’s a great way to cleanse and detox your whole organism (add 1/2 liter of organic apple cider vinegar to your bath water).

CRYSTAL HEALER: Carnelian is an excellent stone to promote creativity and courage. It is an orange-colored crystal of the quartz family. On a physical level it increases blood circulation. Carry it in your pocket, or place on lower belly!

MANTRA: “I am alive.”

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