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Guest Affair // Flow with the seasons Part 5

7. Januar 2019

Part 5 and last part of the series: Hello cold, cozy winter!


When temperatures drop, water freezes, and seeds stay deep underground… it might be a good idea to hibernate as well. Winter is the most “yin” season and a more inward time, offering us the opportunity for introspection, while finding rest and inspiration.

The winter season, according to Chinese Medicine, is dominated by the element of water, the essential medium of our body, and an expression of the flow of life. The associated direction is north and the color is blue, like the deep blue sea.

Water governs the circulation of bodily fluids, the bones, the function of our kidneys and gallbladder as well as the reproductive organs and our emotions. Good health shows itself as well rested, feeling stable and having a sparkle of life in the eyes. Whereas eye bags, overactivity, a “blue” feeling or even chronic illness might indicate a weakness or depletion of the kidneys and imbalance of the water element.

Reni Bickel Flow through the seasons winter

Questions to ask yourself

How is your energy balance?

Is it time to relax, draw inward, sleep and dream?

Do you need movement or nourishment to warm up?

Are you hypersensitive, feeling fearful, depressed?

Can you trust and freely express feelings of love?

During the quiet time of winter we get the chance to establish our balance, physically and emotionally, celebrating self-care as a personal ritual of well-being. It is said that kidneys assure the storage of life force in the bones and marrow. The following inputs will help you to replenish and preserve your energy during this time of the year.


Ideas for your daily routine during winter

YOGA: SEATED FORWARD FOLD. You’ll need a blanket under your pelvis, 2 blocks stacked in order to support your head and a strap around your lower back and thighs for a deep fold in the hip joint. Start seated and pull your buttock bones back and out, fold over and bend your knees enough to make good contact between your thighs and lungs. Put your knees into your arms, your hands to the feet, make everything fit. Lengthen the spine, as you rest your forehead on the blocks. Choose a nice song, and stay in the pose for the full length of the song. Visualize flowing water, a mountain spring, a river or the ocean. Channel deep breaths into the back of the lungs and the kidneys. This restorative pose soothes your nervous system and renews your enerCHI.

Reni Bickel Flow through the seasons winter

BREATHWORK:  TAOIST BREATH. Take a wide stance. Inhale as you circle your arms up, bring the palms to touch behind your head. Exhale push both palms out their own side, arms straight. Then fold over completely, bringing your hands close to the ground (no breath for this movement). Inhale again as you rise the arms all the way up and over your head. Visualize how you gather energy from the ground, rising it up to the sky. Exhale and bring your hands slowly towards your belly button, centering the gathered energy. Do at least 10 full cycles, get into a continuous flow of movement, the effect is amazing!


DIET: WARM, NOURISHING, SALTY. Try to cook or bake your food. Vegetable soups or miso soups are nourishing and easy to digest. Cooked whole grains and all type of beans are great for the kidneys. Add nuts, fish or ocean food for healthy protein and fat intake.


PLANT MAGIC: IMMUNE BOOSTERS such as echinacea tinctures, propolis or fire cider.


SELF-CARE RITUAL: TIME AT HOME. Take a long bath and enjoy the float, rub yourself with sesame oil (it has a warming, nourishing effect *buy an unroasted, scentless oil), set up your altar with candles and all your dear things, burn incense, meditate, dream, envision…


CRYSTAL HEALER: FLUORITE. According to Katrina Raphaell fluorite is “the stone that manifests the highest aspect of the mind, the mind that is attuned to the spirit”. This new age crystal is one of my favorites, it keeps me focused and centered while creatively connecting new ideas and visions. It comes in different color shades varying from red and yellow tones to the more common green and purple shades. Green is great for the heart, and the purple relates to the 6th chakra. I recently released a free guided meditation with fluorite: download CRYSTAL MEDITATION FOR STELLAR MOMENTS


MANTRA: I follow my dreams.


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